A Pig In A Poke

Picking up my new (used) motorbike in Manchester, New Hampshire. Driving it back home. Thanks to Gracie Lou for the ride down. The day is perfect for riding, but since the bike is new to me, I’m a little apprehensive. It’s used. Has it been abused?


Perfectly beautiful weather, leaves coming out, uncrowded roads. The bike ran well through the rolling hilly terrain of rural New Hampshire. Reached Hale’s garage in Enfield in about two hours. Toured back roads over to Hanover then down to West Lebanon for shopping. Finally home. Washed the bike. I rode about 100 very enjoyable miles. Filled the tank once in Enfield. Started an MPG log.

A phrase, long dormant from my youth, arose this morning, “A pig in a poke.” Sometimes you don’t know what you’re getting. However, a pig in a poke should never be confused with a cat in the hat.


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