How Far?

– Bob Dylan & Sam Shepard, Brownsville Girl


20130517-070725.jpg Ruby (With a Sigh) is a 2008 CF Moto E-Charm, 150cc scooter. It is liquid cooled with 16” wheels and motorcycle tires. This is the make and model I previously owned, but two years newer. I bought it used with a little over 8,400 miles on the odometer.

I have about 400 test miles on it now and can say that Ruby is like a timid dog from the pound. A little slow to warm up but when she does she is an enthusiastic, fun companion. Despite some ragged cosmetics, she cleans up nicely and behaves well.

Ruby passed inspection yesterday. She’s a little arthritic in the joints. A seal in one of her shocks is leaking. Happily, her drive belt is clean and new like an Olympian’s heart. She has two new IRC 530 tires. I have yet to check the spark plug. When I do I am sure it will look fine. Secretly, I want it to be a little worn and need replacing. I am only getting 72 mpg and while that’s great, my old bike got 84. I hope a new iridium spark plug will increase the miles per gallon. Maybe Ruby will be happier with better dog chow.


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