Day 1 – Tuesday, May 28
High 60s low 70s overcast & breezy
Starting odometer 9,112.1
Start time 11:15 am
End time ± 7:30
Ending odometer: 9,283.8
Distance = 171.7 miles
MPG ± 72.2

Early mornings errands & tying up loose ends. Designed an escape route through central Vermont to Lake Catherine, then west into New York State south of Lake George into the southern Adirondack. Near Roundtop Mountain Ski Area the road turned into a track popular with snowmobilers in the winter. Here was my first change of plans.

I headed south on route 100 to route 11 past Bromley Ski Area into Manchester Center, Vermont. Paused for internet service at the noisiest McDonalds on the planet. The beeps, whirs, and shrill pitches were debilitating for patrons and staff alike. Where’s OSHA when you need them?

South on 7A to Arlington, VT then west on 313, 372, & 29 to Saratoga, New York. Some highway traffic late as it became colder and my muscles stiffened. 6:30 pm in Gloversville, NY dinner at large family pizzeria. Don’t order the eggplant parmesan grinder. It’s frozen, thawed, & gooey. My night’s camp was at the base of a graveyard southwest of Johnston NY. It rained steadily during the night. I was dry & warm.

Ruby @ Calvin Coolidge's General Store

Overall: The warm morning turned cool. Glad I had extra jacket. Felt good on back roads. Some highways in NY were busy. Ruby does not have any extra kick at the top end. 55 is the max under good conditions. She also seems to be gulping gas.

Good to be on the road. Haven’t hit a groove yet, but hey, it’s the first day. The people I spoke with along the way were all nice. I picked up my first sticker – VT – in Weston. I hope to add many more. Onward.
Guardians of Campers


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