Day 2 – Early

Day 2 – Wednesday, May 29
56 degrees pouring rain

Broke camp in a dry spell between downpours. Thought I was home free. Went to a McDonalds for internet connection and breakfast. While having a pleasant time talking to folks, drinking coffee, and trying to figure out how to get reasonable sized photos loaded into my journal, the rain picked up. Not quite Biblical proportions, but I thought about using the phrase. The forecast for here and where I want to go says rain with intermittent thunderstorms. That’s wet with more wet.

A plan might be to sit here and pray for divine (positive) intervention or suit up, drive down to the Erie Canal, throw myself in–no scratch that–find a cheap motel and hole up for a day.

Ruby and gear are sitting in a low spot in the parking lot. Water is flowing up to her rims. You can see from photos that I use soft-sided bags. They fall into the category of water resistant, not waterproof. Inside the yellow bags I have everything encased in plastic garbage bags. The blue bag has a thicker rubber-ish lining that does a good job of keeping water out. Inside it is all my camping gear. These items are in their own bags and only feel slightly moist after a deluge like this. Of course, trying to set up a tent and go to sleep in a slightly moist environment is not optimal.



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