Keeping my iPad powered up is always an issue. Rather than stop for several hours a day to plug in and charge, I rigged up a USB charging plug that runs off Ruby’s battery. The total rig cost about $12.00. The idea is I can plug in while I am driving, giving me a fully charged iPad each evening and morning. Text doesn’t use much battery power, but photographs (& mapping) eat it up. All ideal systems work ideally during the conception phase. You can quote me.

I’ve been trying different configurations. The basic one is plugging the iPad while the bike is sitting still. It works. I see the battery % increase at a slow but steady rate. Okay, so last night I get the same results and I wonder, what happens if it’s plugged in all night. What’s the worse that could happen? Well, the iPad overheats, starts a fire, and central New York is engulfed in a conflagration. That’s not ideal. What I anticipate is the iPad will charge fully and the battery will stop pushing power to it. I will get on the bike, turn the key, and it will start right up. Didn’t happen. The iPad was showing 100% charge but the battery gave one sorrowful whine and stopped. Drained.

It was 6 a.m. I needed coffee. I was able to coast approximately one mile to Main Street. Smalley’s Garage is just across the street from Burger King with its coffee and internet connection. So I sat and typed out the previous journal entry until they opened. Smalley’s took me in immediately and put the battery on a charger. They thought it would take an hour so back I went to write and plot my course out of Watkins Glen.

During that time I decided to stay one more day. Otherwise I would be rushing my mapping machinations before I had to be out of the campground. Smalley’s charged me $5.00. Money well spent for a positive end to this experiment. Lesson learned, no overnight charging.

And that’s why I had so much time to write a long entry.



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