Day 5 – Layover

A layover in Watkins Glen. Recharged Ruby’s battery at Smalley’s Garage. Went for a second long hike in the Gorge. Found a cemetery. The weather started out overcast with a threat of thunderstorms that never materialized. It became very sunny and hot. While lapping up internet time at Dunkin’ Donuts the big screen TV was on the Weather Channel. They were terrorizing the midwest and east from Buffalo to Oklahoma City with a bright red oval and the word SEVERE in yellow streaming across it. From what I could gather, the world was coming to an end, at least for this part of the globe. This was one of the factors playing into me staying here another day. Just before getting back to camp I found three young girls (none more than 17 years old) with the most colorful tattoos I’ve seen. I couldn’t help myself. I asked them to pose. They agreeably said yes.



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