Day 7 – Morn

5:30 a.m. 45 degrees
Gray, light haze and wind

A very pleasant sleep in the calm forest. Prepared myself for a cold night, but despite the actual temperature, I was warm and cozy in the tent. Planed to break camp quickly and exit my hidden abode. As I was packing the final item, the plastic ground cloth, into the blue camping bag, the bike rolled over and fell on its side. The righthand mirror broke off. Drat. I remained surprisingly calm. I was able to stand the bike up quickly with no muscle strain. I tested the engine. It started fine. I readjusted and secured all the bags again. In a few minutes I was out of the woods and on the road. It is cold and gray, more like fall than spring. I froze my way into the large burg of Jamestown where I am thawing and plotting. Chautauqua is just around the corner. I may stay in a motel today/tonight and take some antihistamine to overcome some nasal agony and post nasal drip I’ve been experiencing for several days. Also, there is a scooter repair shop in Jamestown. They’re closed today. My mirror is a bit odd. It is 8mm and reverse thread. Only a scooter shop would have such a thing, and that’s a 50/50 chance. Scamping, harrumph.


Addendum: I now have a flat tire. The specter of Butte, Montana hangs over me…


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