Day 14 – Gang Aft Agley

Rained all night. In tent for 12 hours. Plan to ride to Louisville today, end phase one of trip, visit my friend Jane. On way back from shower checked bike. Ruby started right up. Broke camp in rain. The air is very warm. Loaded Ruby, turned the key, nothing.

Two hours later and a lot of fiddling Ruby started. I reloaded, and pulled away. Two hundred yards down the road the motor cut out. I pushed it back to the shower building where I had been doing my mechanics out of the rain. Try as I might nothing worked.

I left the campsite and hitchhiked down the road to the gas station/cafe. I walked a mile before a young couple (the 4th car to pass) gave me a ride. At the station, I started talking to everyone coming in. With my iPad I located a U-Haul dealer up the road in Stanton. A fellow said he’d give me a ride to Stanton in an hour. So I ordered two fried egg sandwiches. This may just work out.

One last complication, I forgot my glasses. It’s impossible for me to read anything on the iPad. One of the women running this place had a pair of glasses hiding in her hair. I asked if I could borrow them. She said sure. Not quite a shirt off a back, but the generosity is still there. Oh, the sandwiches came on plain white bread, not even cut in half.

Will John make it to Louisville? Stay tuned.




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