Day 15 – Generosity

David, the fellow who offered to drive me to Stanton and I talked about my plans to rent a truck and haul my bike to Louisville. He offered to drive me there in his truck. We struck a deal. He drove me back to the campground where I got reorganized while he went home to get some straps and his nephew, Cameron. We loaded the bike, lashed it down, and took off for Louisville, about 135 miles away.

It was a quick NASCAR-like drive up two Interstates in sun, rain, and one torrential downpour. We drove to Jane’s manufacturing business and unloaded the bike at her dock. It only took a second. From a day starting out wet and hopeless, to a finish in a warm, secure, friendly home, I could not have written a better script.

My eternal thanks go out to David and Cameron for their authentic generosity.

20130611-091848.jpgJane, David, Cameron, Ruby


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