During a rest and repair period in Louisville, my friend Jane suggested we take a trip to her home in Beaufort, South Carolina. A long day trip of 640 miles. We did, tag teaming the drive in 2 hour segments. It took 11 hours.

For those who do not know, Beaufort is in the “Lowcountry” along with Hilton Head and Paris Island. Jane’s house is a modern cottage surrounded by large Southern Oak dripping in Spanish Moss. There are 10 skylights and each room opens out onto a porch or deck. It is on an estuary where the sun sets on the Intracoastal Waterway. Southern Coastal Bliss.

We are enjoying the property and environs. There was Pickin’ In the Park, with live string music along the marina, a farmer’s market, visits to antiquities, and art galleries. In the oppressive heat and humidity of the afternoon there were Mint Juleps on the porch. Okay, it was a cold beer, but the enjoyment could not have been greater. Beaufort does not exist in Northern New England, nor any other region. It is unique and beautiful in its own way.

We are here cleaning and packing. Jane will have some strong folk move furniture into a rental truck and I will drive it back to Louisville. This piece of Southern Coastal Bliss (SCB) is up for sale.

The Big Chill house, not Jane’s

Shrimp Boats where Tom Hanks and Gary Sinise were filmed in Forest Gump

20130616-091909.jpgBackyard Sunset


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