Where Do Theories Come From?

I developed the theory that Ruby’s backfiring is caused by carbon gunk in the engine coming loose and igniting at the wrong time in the combustion cycle. It’s possible, but is that what’s happening? Why did I think this theory was true and correct.

First, I think it’s true and correct because I thought of it. “I think, therefore I think I am right.” It’s basic human delusion 101.

Okay, I recognize my delusion, it’s easy to do. Yet, the idea is plausible. I am no auto-mechanic. Where did the idea come from? I ruminated on this question.

Presto, I came up with a new theory. Bill Cosby. In a haze of old memories a routine came wafting up. It’s a routine about a fast car Cosby bought, a Shelby Cobra, “200 mph”. After a frightening test drive, Cosby asked designer and builder Carroll Shelby why the car had to go that fast. “Too blow the gunk out of the engine” was the reply. At least that’s my memory. I haven’t heard the routine in 40 years, yet it stayed with me and today I’m sure it’s the basis of my backfiring theory. I’m blowing gunk out.

You should hear my theory on cosmic singularity. “Why is there air?”



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