Honest Abe

Day 37 – July 3
Louisville to Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky
85° Low Humidity, Partially Sunny, Threat of Thunderstorms
123.7 miles
Two-hundred years ago, a family moved with their 2 year old son to a new farm near here and a new start. The little boy’s name was Abe. Today, I set out on a new start, phase 2 of this scamping voyage. First stop, Mammoth Cave National Park.

I quickly left Louisville’s suburban expanse behind, traveling on farm and forest roads, up and down little hills, and across agrarian plateaus. My map notes were accurate and effective. The terrain rolled smoothly under Ruby’s wheels without mishap. I arrived at the Park in early afternoon by way of Flint Ridge and Mammoth Cave Roads, two narrow twisting beautifully paved roads I highly recommend.

My fear of the campground being full for the holiday was unfounded. I had my pick of sites. I chose one at nearly the highest elevation, specifically to avoid running surface water in case of a thunderstorm. One higher site is designated for RVs only. I believe this to be scooter discrimination and recently struck down by the Supreme Court. I’m a bit out of touch and must read the Court’s decision when I have more time.

Ruby ran flawlessly. The new battery, reworked wiring, and degunking, along with new oil, are working. I’m paranoid this may all be for naught after the next soaking, but I am thankful while it lasts.

Tomorrow I tour Mammoth Cave. I wonder, did Abe?


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