Day 58 – Wednesday, July 24
Chama, New Mexico to Durango, Colorado
89° Partially Sunny
115.4 miles
20130725-024701.jpgMade decision to ride in mountains rather than desert, so headed north to Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Crossed the unmarked Continental Divide before leaving New Mexico. The road through the tree lined hills to Pagosa Springs was smooth, cool, and ideal. It was a perfect morning ride.

Rain started to fall as I arrived in Pagosa Springs. I parked under a closed gas station overhang and went to find some coffee. The storm passed. I started riding through Pagosa Springs, which has an old town section and then stretches west into resorts and ranches. Ruby’s engine first quit in the old town section. It quit again about a mile up the road. I was able to work on it in the shadow of a gas station. Another mile up the road and the engine quit again. This time I pushed it to a small grove of trees by an old house. It stopped one more time several miles down the road.

The issue is electrical. It could be the oxygen sensor. It could be gremlins. I really don’t know. Uncertainty about Ruby’s reliability has reached a critical mass.

I made it to Durango, a small city in the southwest quadrant of Colorado. I may end the voyage here. I have no faith in Ruby. It’s impossible to ride a bike you have no faith in, especially in the arid deserts of the southwest US.20130725-024841.jpgStay tuned…


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